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Published 04 May, 2022
How to fix Error: Not implemented: navigation (except hash changes)

I faced a similar issue in one of my unit tests. Here's what I did to resolve it. Replace window.loc...

Published 18 Feb, 2022
How to download XLSX file from a server response in javascript?

How to download XLSX file from a server response in javascript?

Published 11 Apr, 2022
How to check if an element exists on the page in Playwright.js

You have two main options: const deletes = await page.$$("text='Delete'"); if (deletes) { // ... } o...

Published 07 May, 2022
How to use if statement inside JSON?

That's regular JavaScript, not JSON. Move the if statement outside: if (page) { var config = [ { "na...

Published 18 Feb, 2022
How to Wait until page is fully loaded

How to Wait until page is fully loaded

Published 07 May, 2022
How to detect current slide in swiper js?

its very easy. just use this: swiper.activeIndex

Published 01 May, 2022
How to make axios synchronous

You can't (or at least really shouldn't) make it synchronous, so you'll need a different way forward...

Published 15 Apr, 2022
How to send data correct axios Error: Multipart: Boundary not found

You can do this ... Instantiate a new FormData instance. const config = { headers: { 'Content-Type':...

Published 08 May, 2022
How to get previous route name from React Navigation

You need to use NavigationActions goToScreen = () => { const navigateAction = NavigationActions.navi...

Published 08 May, 2022
Swiper - how to customise arrow buttons?

"I don't want the margin. Any ideas?" If the margin is really the margin, not the result of right pr...

Published 09 May, 2022
How to listen for route change in react-router-dom v6

The navigate function is a function, not an object like the older react-router-dom version 5's histo...

Published 06 May, 2022
How to test url change with Jest

instead of having to set the pathname to null, you can just check it like expect(global.window.locat...

Published 03 May, 2022
How to slow down scroll to top speed?

Here is a pure Javascript solution. you may need to remove scroll-behavior: smooth style as this int...

Published 04 May, 2022
How to save .xlsx data to file as a blob

I had the same problem as you. It turns out you need to convert the Excel data file to an ArrayBuffe...

Published 16 May, 2022
How to copy a Map into another Map?

A simple way (to do a shallow copy) is to copy each property of the source map to the target map: va...

Published 18 Apr, 2022
How to display base64 encoded pdf?

It should work with Chrome you can use I've faced the same issue with IE: it's impossible to display...

Published 11 May, 2022
How to dispatch multiple actions in ngrx/effect (redux-observable)?

An effect transforms a stream of actions, so you have a stream of actions as input and output. In yo...

Published 04 May, 2022
How to Watch Props Change with Vue Composition API / Vue 3?

If you take a look at watch typing here it's clear the first argument of watch can be array, functio...

Published 04 May, 2022
How to convert dataURL to file object in javascript?

If you need to send it over ajax, then there's no need to use a File object, only Blob and FormData...

Published 24 Apr, 2022
How to get computer name or IP from javascript?

As Imran and Jamie have said, you can't do it entirely on the client. It's trivial to get the computer's apparent, public IP address — but only if you send a request to your server, either by using X...