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Published 31 May, 2022
How to delete web application cookies in react js

You can access cookies through document.cookie. In order to remove a cookie, you can set the expirat...

Published 23 Jun, 2022
How to access a browser cookie in a react app

Using react-cookie may be the easiest way to get cookie value. You can run npm install react-cookie,...

Published 29 Apr, 2022
How to delete cookie on logout in express + passport js?

You can use req.session.destroy in logout route to destroy the session below is the code for referen...

Published 30 Jun, 2022
How to find unsaved passwords in Firefox (if possible)

I doubt this is possible. Unless whoever manages said website has ignored security conventions, pass...

Published 26 Jun, 2022
How to mock 'universal-cookie' in jest/enzyme?

You can use jest.mock(moduleName, factory, options) mock universal-cookie and axios modules E.g. ind...

Published 22 Jun, 2022
How to simply encrypt and decrypt cookie string?

The problem is in the line: = crypto.AES.decrypt(email,this.pass).toString(); Without a p...

Published 05 Feb, 2022
Why are websites suddenly asking me about cookies?

Why are websites suddenly asking me about cookies?

Published 03 May, 2022
Cookie is set twice; how to remove the duplicate?

Dude(tte), there are inconsistencies, and a bug, in your cookie setter. 1. Make sure path and domain...

Published 13 Jun, 2022
React Testing Library / Redux - How to mock cookies?

I'm not exactly sure how did you combine things together but I'm gonna drop you a full example that...

Published 03 May, 2022
How to read a HttpOnly cookie using JavaScript

Different Browsers enable different security measures when the HTTPOnly flag is set. For instance Op...

Published 21 May, 2022
How to persist Auth0 login status in browser for React SPA

You can use Silent authentication to renew the tokens on browser refresh. Specifically for your reac...

Published 25 May, 2022
How to store sensitive data in react js frontend?

Normally sensitive data are not saving on frontend. best way is you can call this from server using...

Published 11 Jul, 2022
How to set an HTTPONLY cookie in Flask

Check set_cookie() (docs) under Flask APIs. It provides options for setting a HTTPONLY cookie using...

Published 16 Jul, 2022
Chrome 80 how to decode cookies

Since Chrome version 80 and higher, cookies are encrypted using AES-256 in GCM mode. The applied key...

Published 22 Jun, 2022
How to read cookies with react?

I have used js-cookies which works well. import cookies from "js-cookies"; const secure = window.loc...