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Published 15 Feb, 2022
How to apply blur effect to background when modal is opened in React?

How to apply blur effect to background when modal is opened in React?

Published 08 May, 2022
Swiper - how to customise arrow buttons?

"I don't want the margin. Any ideas?" If the margin is really the margin, not the result of right pr...

Published 03 May, 2022
How to slow down scroll to top speed?

Here is a pure Javascript solution. you may need to remove scroll-behavior: smooth style as this int...

Published 14 Jun, 2022
How to change the color of the placeholder in material UI React js

Material-ui use makeStyles to override styles with global class names. Reading the Material-ui doc,...

Published 15 Jun, 2022
How to remove border in textfield fieldset in material ui

InputProps can be passed to the style the variants of the inputs. For outlined input there a class n...

Published 19 May, 2022
How to add multiple classNames to nextjs elements

As stated in my original comment I have not worked with Next.js. It appears as though styles is a ma...

Published 31 May, 2022
How to change button icon when button is clicked in react.js

In this case, the icon part is a UI state, it has to maintained in your state and passed down to Aud...

Published 31 May, 2022
How to get a react component's size (height/width) before render?

As it was already mentioned, you can't get any element's dimensions until it is rendered to DOM. Wha...

Published 07 Jun, 2022
How to add slick-active class in Slider dots in React Slick

This is happening because I'm using CSS-Modules to load my CSS file. In the following code example,...

Published 27 Apr, 2022
How to add css class to a quill selection?

Basically you have to extend Parchment blots to have custom styled element in quill. I went through...

Published 08 May, 2022
How to change height in mat-form-field

Add these to your CSS in the your original stackblitz ::ng-deep .mat-form-field-flex > .mat-form-fie...

Published 18 Feb, 2022
How to override css prefers-color-scheme setting

How to override css prefers-color-scheme setting

Published 12 Jun, 2022
CSS How to fix 'Invalid property value'

Not a problem with your React environment, its just that your css is invalid. Theres no need to enca...

Published 16 May, 2022
How to add a space, break or div at specific height dynamically?

This is not a question can be answered with code snippet. I will explain how i would tackle with thi...

Published 22 May, 2022
How to select sibling element with React?

I don't think you need a React specific answer here. In vanilla JS you can use the nextElementSiblin...